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Cinematic Mod a Half-Life 2 mod

Raises the outdated graphical appearance of the Half-Life 2 trilogy to a state-of-the-art level, while giving it a more stressed, darker and minatory look. All low-res textures are replaced by high-res counterparts.

Cinematic Mod adds an emotional cinematic music soundtrack, optional HD models and unused content from the original games!

Trailers: trailer 1 & trailer 2!

Posted on 7 November 2010
CM 10 download page updated (CM 10.94 update & mirrors).

Posted on 24 October 2010
CM 10.90 Released!
Check out the new screenshots!
Download links (RS and torrent, FTP will follow soon) added @ the CM 10 page.

Posted on 18 October 2010
CM 10.90 Final video added. Release will follow soon...

Posted on 10 September 2010
New free FTP mirror for CM 10 added. Many thanks to!

Posted on 4 September 2010
Note from FakeFactory:

Hi guys,
I will NOT let down all people who like the mod.
I don't know, why CM provokes so many negative reactions from many people at several forums or websites. Most discussions about CM are leading to flamewars sooner or later. I guess, modifying VALVE games (especially HL2) is like commiting a sacrilege for some people.
So I decided to let the people flaming, pull back all future updates from moddb and other sites and concentrate to and the people I like. (This means you)
CM 10.90 will be released. But I have to wait for the updated Source SDK. My current work version is just a semi-port, nice for preparing the new engine features but not ready for public.
As some kind of teaser, you can find the actual changelog for CM 10.90 @ the CM 10 page.

Posted on 2 September 2010
Added 4 new screenshots for the upcoming CM 10.90!
Screenshots sequence changed: newest screenshots are displayed first now.

Posted on 28 July 2010
Added new free FTP mirror for CM 10.40! Thanks to Garrett Cullum!

Posted on 23 July 2010
Moved to another host.
Forum messages posted in the past hours (22-07-10 10h PM -> 23-07-10 7h AM) may be lost. I'm sorry for this.

Posted on 18 June 2010
Fixed the image gallery page numbers (sorry, small CSS mistake).

Posted on 14 June 2010
Updated and reworked the whole site (Many small updates and fixes)
New (second) FTP download location for CM 10.40!

Posted on 8 June 2010
Tweaked CM10 page (History, recources and credits -> hidden)

Posted on 7 June 2010
New bittorent mirror for CM 10.40 and hotfix 10.42 (thanks to!

Posted on 2 June 2010
New free and fast FTP mirror for CM 10.40 and hotfix 10.42!

Posted on 26 May 2010
New: FakeFactory Cinematic Mod @ ModDB:

Posted on 25 May 2010
Added CM10 Update 10.40 links (full, update, hotfix)!
Some small fixes and updates @ CM10 page

Posted on 31 March 2010
Added mirror for CM10 Update 10.30 @ Half-Life Files!
New header image, thanks to Boomer!
Made all links clickable (CM9 & CM10 page)

Posted on 30 March 2010
Added mirror for CM10 @ Half-Life Files!

Posted on 18 February 2010
Free FTP download added for the CM10 and the latest CM10.30 Update package!
Check out the download links @ the CM10 page!
These mirrors are provided by James B. (Thanks!) as a public TEST.

Posted on 7 February 2010
CM 10.30 update released! See the CM 10 page.

Posted on 30 January 2010
CM 10.20 Trailer: Click to see @ YouTube!

Posted on 8 January 2010
Added new CM 10 screenshots!

Posted on 7 January 2010

Posted on 2 November 2009
I'm sorry for the downtime. This is because our host moved their servers to another server park. We have been down a second day because of troubles with the DNS (my mistake, I'm sorry) ...

Posted on 25 October 2009
The new image viewer is now 100% working! There were some problems during the last 2 days...

Posted on 22 October 2009
Added FF CM 10 Update 10.01 and 10.02

Posted on 27 September 2009
Website updated:

  • Added CM 10 Final
  • Added CM 10 Final Update Package (update from Beta 1 and later)

Posted on 27 August 2009
Website updated:

  • Added Torrents for Cinematic Mod 9 and 10!
  • Added CM v9.51 Update
  • Added CM v10 RC update
  • Added mirrors


Posted on 27 August 2009
Everything is normal again!

Posted on 27 August 2009
The forums are open again!
The domain isn't fixed yet. Will be fixed soon.

Posted on 10 August 2009
We are moving to another server. The website is already done, the forum not. There are some problems with that. You can reach the site only at, not at Will be fixed soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Posted on 9 August 2009
Website loading times improved (better use of images)
Added 7 Cinematic Mod 10 screenshots!

Posted on 4 August 2009
Added: "Who is FakeFactory?" & "What is the Cinematic Mod?" !
Website & forum complete!
Public release!

Posted on 30 July 2009
Added serveral small updates and fixes!

Posted on 25 July 2009
Website + forum released (beta)!
Please note that the website is not finished yet!

Posted on 13 July 2009
The domains and are available!

Posted on 11 July 2009
First closed preview version released!

Posted on 8 July 2009 website idea was born!