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Cinematic Mod 9

This version of Cinematic Mod is for the old non-SteamPipe content system!
You need all the GCF files for Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and 2. If you didn’t convert your game files yet, there is no problem.

If you have already been updated to SteamPipe, you will need to restore the GCF files from a backup (if you have one),
or be able to aquire them.


There are 2 versions of Cinematic Mod 9

  • The Base version, ready for 32 bit Windows.
  • The HD version, including more and more detailed HD textures, but requires a 64 bit Windows and a very very fast computer!

The v9.5 Update is for both versions. Make sure to use the Character Pimper to chose the new models after installing this update!

Performance Warning!

The Orangebox/Source Engine is getting outdated and performs poor compared to newer engines like the Cry-Engine or the Unreal-Engine. It's almost impossible to get good framerates with enhanced viewrange, hires-textures and high polycount. Therefore prepare yourself for fps below 40 in some open areas, unless you're using the latest NASA supercomputer.

Snapshot Release

V9.5 is a Snapshot-Release. Currently I have reached the source-engine limits in almost all areas. Unfortunately the limits are quite low. The current build of the source engine can't render detailed open areas or nice foliage without hitting this limits. (Compared to the Cry-Engine: Source engines 100% entity limit equals approx. 5% of the Cry-Engine limit) I'll take a break now, hoping the next engine version will give the possibilities, I need.


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CM 9.51 (Hotfix Update)

  • Added new HD Alyx model (Adriana Lima style) with realistic (gravity influenced) hair motion:
    • V14 tagged model is a WIP/TEST
    • V16 tagged model is a final model
    • Hint: Not suitable for fans of the battle-worn VALVE style.
  • Recompiled Monk/Barney/G-Man models, fixing some Bone-Errors
  • Added new HD Mossman model (blonde again)
  • Added new HD Barney model (closer to VALVE original)
  • Added G-Man-Hybrid model (old VALVE mech with hi-res facemap as seen in older versions of CM)
  • Reworked Character Pimper for multiple model variations in "Maincharacter" section.
  • Recompiled the maps with higher precision lightmaps and per-vertex-lightning accuracy on props
  • Fix: Worked around an old Valve bug in Response-System. Alyx will now always react if you are staring at her for some time in non-combat situations. Reaction depends on her actual condition (relaxed, stimulated, alarmed)
  • Fix: Portuguese subtitles
  • Fix: Areaportal error in map prison_05
  • Fix: Terrain hole in map coast_03
  • Fix: Ugly skybox and heavy performance drop in canals_13
  • Fix: Wrong rendered blood splashes
  • Fix: Wrong lo-res civilian models (if HD addon was installed)
  • Fix: Anorexic Monk HD model
  • Fix (hopefully): Twin-Alyx in prison-levels
  • Fix: Slow motion when Quickload (F9) was pressed
  • Fix: Tons of other small glitches

CM 9.5 (Snapshot-Release)

  • Added true HDR maps to HL2
  • Added 3D foliage to HL2 maps
  • Tweaked some of the atmospheric effects in the HL2 maps
  • Removed Sight-Range limits from HL2 maps
  • Merged some of the very small sub-maps like town_01a, town_03, town_04, c17_02, citadel_02
  • Added HD dog (if HD addon was found during installation)

CM 9.1 BASE / HD

  • Added HDR skies to HL2 maps
  • Updated some textures
  • Fixed missing Corpse texture

CM9.01 HD

  • Fixed wrong HD models


  • CM9 Full installation


  • CM9 Spin-Off (all HD-Models are ripped from the BASE version) -> This version is 32bit ready

CM9 beta1 to beta3 (non-public)

  • Reworked ALL HD-models
  • Reworked the human textures for ultra-realistic skin reflection
  • Reworked the Character Pimper for easier usage
  • Added tons of new environment textures and details (you hardly see any blurry textures now - even on closeups)

Sound drops or crackling

If sound crackles occures, you can fix this by setting the snd_mixahead value in the autoexec's of CM's subdirectories. You will find the autoexec.cfg in the following directories:

  • FAKEFACTORY_CM9\hl2\cfg
  • FAKEFACTORY_CM9\episodic\cfg
  • FAKEFACTORY_CM9\ep2\cfg

Try different value like snd_mixahead "0.2" or snd_mixahead "0.4" for increasing the buffered time of soundsamples. This will fix crackling or dropouts, but can lead to slightly asynchronous or delayed sounds.

Microstutter and heapsize

If you encounter microstuttering ingame (animations), try the heapsize command. Add -heapsize {bytes} to the shortcuts, i.e.: Shortcut: Cinematic Mod EP2 Target: …launcher.exe" -heapsize 512000.

Never set the heapsize above [your installed RAM amount / 3] or 512MB

setup.exe and virus warning

Setup uses a tool called SetACL for setting write permissions to the mods screenshots / cfg / SAVE directories. Some antivirus software could warn about possible malware. This is a false positive.

Technical info

This mod's binaries are modified for memory allocation beyond 2 GB. To prevent Steam from overwriting this binaries with its own copies on each start, the mod ist using a little launcher, that reroutes Steam's original binaries to >NIL. Start this mod only with the shortcuts in your start menu (that were created during installation)!

32 bit warning

This mod was developed and tested on 64 Bit Windows. It is not supported on 32 Bit Windows, because of the limited Userspace with 32 Bit systems. You can try it on 32 Bit, but prepare for crashes. On some 32 Bit systems it is possible to overcome this limitation with some boot.ini switches for raising the userspace limit. I'm not going into detail here, because those tweaks are dangerous and should only be done by people, who are knowing exactly what they do.

Hardware requirements

  • DX9 capable graphics hardware with minimum 512 MB VRAM. (1 GB recommended)
  • 3 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Software requirements

  • 64 bit Windows OS
  • Fully installed Steam client. You can't start the mod without Steam running.
  • Fully installed and unlocked HL2 / EP1 / EP2. Make sure, you have started those games in the past.

Recources and credits

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Used software or this mod

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • 3DS MAX 8
  • E-Frontier Poser 7
  • Microsoft C++ Visual Studio 2005
  • Powerbasic 8
  • VALVE Source SDK
  • Sony Soundforge 7
  • Sony Vegas 7
  • Crazy Bump 5
  • Cannonfodders SDK tools
  • entspy
  • vmex
  • Autoplay Mediastudio Pro
  • Setup Factory

Used texture resources

  • Dosch
  • Own photos

Used model resources

  • Anton Kisiels Apollo Max


FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 9.5 Update (for Base and HD Addon, needs base)

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FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 9 HD Addon (needs Base!)

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FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 9 Base

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