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Cinematic Mod 5

This version of Cinematic Mod is for the old non-SteamPipe content system!
You need all the GCF files for Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and 2. If you didn’t convert your game files yet, there is no problem.

If you have already been updated to SteamPipe, you will need to restore the GCF files from a backup (if you have one),
or be able to aquire them.

Important technical info

Memory requirements

  • A minimum of 3 GB RAM is needed for playing on maxed texture/shader settings.
  • A minimum of 2 GB RAM is needed for playing on medium texture/shader settings.

32 bit vs 64 bit

After extensive email discussions with VALVE and the hlcoders i came to the following conclusion:
The Cinematic Mod will run on 32 Bit but it's not longer supported on 32 Bit systems, because of the limited userspace with 32 Bit Windows. Don't blame Valve or me for this problem. It is a fundamental problem on all 32 bit platforms, that cannot and will not fixed with a engine update.

In other words:
You can try the mod on 32 Bit, but most likely you need to set texture and shader details to medium or low for crashfree play (it will still looks good at medium settings). 64 Bit users are able to play with all settings maxed out, as the engine can use all available RAM for allocating memory blocks.

Hardware requirements

  • A DX9 capable graphicscard with at least 256 MB VRAM is needed
  • This mod will show some strange graphically glitches on hardware bellow DX9

Software requirements

  • You need a full installed Steam client with the following installed and unlocked games
  • Half-Life 2 + Half-Life 2 Episode One + Half-Life 2 Episode Two or the Orange Box package
  • This mod is for Windows only - no Xbox 360 supported! Sorry guys, but I don't develop for this console crap.

HD characters

CM5 for EP2 comes with optional HD models. These models are taxing your hardware to the limit, are looking very different and are a matter of taste.

By default only the maincharacters are activated. For activating the civilian/resistance or deactivating the maincharacters you can use the all new "Character Pimper" (formerly known as Alyx Construction Kit) You will find the "Character Pimper" in your shortcuts folder after installation has finished.

The installer

You must exit Steam before installing the Cinematic Mod!

The setup will install CM5 in you Steam sourcemod folder, register the shortcut in you Steam games panel and create additional shortcuts in your shortcuts folder ("CinematicMod", "Character pimper", "Uninstallation") After deinstallation these shortcuts are removed, but the shortcut in your Steam games panel will remain. You can remove it manualy with right-click on the entry and choosing "Delete".

The installer will create the two folders "FAKEFACTORY_CM" and "FAKEFACTORY_CMEP1" beside its main folder "FAKEFACTORY_CMEP2". This is for compatibility reasons with the "Character pimper"

Foreign language audio

English audio is default. The current beta version supports german as foreign language, if Steam is set to German.

On all other systems English audio is activated. This will change with the final release.

Technical info

The latest Source-Engine Code still doesn't fix its 2 GB Limit. I worked around this with an modified Bin folder inside this mod. To prevent Steam from overwriting this binaries with its own files from the depository, i use a little launcher, that bypasses the steam filesystem. This launcher is rerouting Steams "allways overwrite binaries with my own" behaviour to > NIL and starts the mod.



  • Bugfixed "Character Pimper" (some elements didn't show up -> navigation was impossible)
  • Bugfixed synced music (wrong folder - sorry)
  • Changed the Eyes shader to a new EP2 shader for more realistic refraction (Many thanks to Kyle Bloss)
  • Updated most vehicles textures
  • Second bunch of reworked environment textures


  • Bugfix for the latest engine update
  • Reduced Zombie_Classic polycount (preventing "Too many vertices for vertexbuffer" error when many zombies are visible)
  • Reworked some soundfiles/scripts for forced Music-Scene-Synchronisation (prevents asynchronous music after pressing ESC or pause)
  • Reworked textures
  • Some new textures
  • Updated texture for Valve-HD-Alyx (still early beta


  • New Alyx models (the Valve-HD-Alyx is very very early beta)
  • New corps model
  • First bunch of reworked environment textures
  • Some updated beta v0.5 textures


  • First public testrelease


FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 5

All subversions are listed below. If you still want to try this old version, you typically only need the marked file(s).