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Cinematic Mod 4

Enhancements since Version 2.x

  • Uses Base Source Engine 2
  • Some textures redone
  • Alyx Highres Models
  • Some bugfixed maps for using with SourceEngine 2
  • PHONG/RIM Shaders
  • Partially redone soundtrack and soundtrack-scripts
  • Some minor tweaks

Enhancements since Version 3.x

  • Setup.exe for automated installation
  • Worked around some textures because of budget-limits in the Source-Engine
  • New models, more variations, VALVE-Hires-Replica
  • Heavily reworked scripts/scenes for fully dynamic soundtracks
  • New textures, most of the old textures reworked
  • Minor tweaks
  • Alx Construction Kit RC with automated model install for both HL2 and EP1
  • One Package for Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2:Episode One


  1. Close STEAM
  2. Start setup.exe
  3. After installation has finished restart STEAM

What exactly will Setup.exe do?

  • Setup.exe reads the current Sourcemod folder path from your registry
  • Setup.exe installs the MOD to the right folder (HL2 and EP1 version)
  • Setup.exe install a shortcut to the new Alyx Construction Kit and sets a registry entry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\FILEMAKER)
  • The Uninstaller will remove the entire Cinematic Mod and the Alyx Construction Kit registry entry.

Alyx Contruction Kit (RC)

The ACK is a Release Candidate, that will help you in select and install the various Alyx variations (other characters in future).

Start the Alyx Construction Kit.exe and choose your prefered model. You can browse and install the models with just a buttonpress inside the ACK for both HL2 and EP1.


As of version 3 the Cinematic Mod uses Base Source Engine 2. This leads to numerous advantages, like higher possible global polycount (for more Highpoly models in future versions) or faster overall-performance.

But the new engine has some minor disadvantages…

  1. First of all you have to start a new game or new chapter, because the BSP -Files (Maps) are different.
  2. The new engine isn't fully backward compatible with HL2's original content. I had to remove two Razortrains from two maps for compatibility with the new engine. (It doesn't affect gameplay). The trains would cause the engine to kick in some kind of super-stutterbug with final crash, so i had to erase this two suckers.
  3. The Base Source Engine 2 cannot access non-shared CFG's, like HL2's foreign language CFG files. Therefore the audio-language is allways English, only the onscreen-language is correctly translated.

Most of you are using English audio anyway, but all other users can fix this for themself: Extract the content of "Half-Life 2_xxx.cfg" (xxx = german or french etc..) with CFGScape (included) and copy the extracted content to the mods language - folder.

Example: Extract the "sound" folder from "Half-Life 2_german.cfg" Copy the "sound" folder and all enclosed files to <PATH TO YOUR STEAM-INSTALLATION>/SteamApps/SourceMods/FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic_German

Q & A

Q: Why this huge version jump from V3.05 to V4?
A: My internal buildnumbering was reaching V3.9 anyway, so i decided to use the next "round" number, hoping this will encourage some users to download this version asap.

Q: Steam is downloading some strange stuff, named "Source SDK Base"
A: Yes, its required for the mod. The Source SDK Base is basically a full blown EP1 engine for MODS and will be updated by Valve with the latest features and enhancements.

Q: The game crashes (mostly on level swapping or at entering the hospital) with error in datacache.dll
A: First of all: Don't use the command -heapsize XXXX. The -heapsize command was okay in older versions of the source engine for curing ingame-stuttering, but with the current engine versions this command is EVIL. Repeat: E-V-I-L. Don't use it. Lets source engine handle the size of memory buffers.
Secondly: Source engine doesn't like low-memory-environments. You will get serious trouble with less then 2 GB main memory and/or less then 256 MB VRAM, because the Cinematic Mod comes with *a lot* of texture data to handle with.
Finaly: Cinematic Mod does NOT change any code. Its textures/materials/sounds only. So please don't blame the mod for problems with certain hardware/software-combinations. If vanila HL2 gives you zero trouble, you should be fine. But if vanila HL2 crashes a lot with your computer, then Cinematic Mod will be crashing too.

Q: After playing the intro, i get laggy or missing mouse functionality ingame and/or the game-performance drops to bottom.
A: Check for FFDSHOW and disable it completely (reboot required)

Q: The intro just gives me a blank screen or a striped error-screen
A: Install the Windows Media Codec V9 ( or Windows Media Player 10+

Q: The game stutters with my ATI Radeon 9600 (or something like this)
A: Get a DX9 graphics card with 512 MB VRAM or above. Don't expect the mod to run smoothly with outdated DX8 cards or less than 512 MB Videoram.

Q: I'm using a newer NVIDIA Geforce (7K or 8K class) and the Phong-Shading seems to be incorrect or much too high
A: Blame NVIDIA for there crappy drivers.

Q: I'm playing with 640 x 480 resolution and can't see much difference to the original game
A: Play at 1280 x 1024 minimum. Optimal resolution for the mod is 1600 x 1200 or above.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for the mod?
A: WinNT/Windows 2000 with pentium 4 class processor, 1024 MB RAM, DX8 videocard with 256 MB vram

Q: What are the recommended requirements for the mod?
A: Windows XP/2003/Vista with dualcore processor, 2048 MB RAM, DX9 videocard with 512 MB vram

Q: The Alyx Construction Kit installs no models
A: Make shure you have started the ACK with its shortcut (working directory must be correct). DON'T MOVE THE ACK FOLDER. It needs the directory-structure, that was created with the installer, because it uses relative pathes.

Q: Why are some Alyx models semi-nude?
A: Why not? If you don't like them, don't use them. If you are afraid of semi-nude girls, you really should get a life or ask your parents about the differences between men and women.

Q: Why are there no full nude Alyx models?
A: They wouldn't fit anywhere in the game. The full nude model will be released to the GMOD community as a separate archive.

Q: Will you release other characters as hires models, like Barney or Mossman?
A: Most likely

Q: The EP1 version of the mod gives me some errors about missing repositories or crashes right after start
A: You have to purchase Half-Life 2:Episode One for playing the EP1 version of this mod.

Q: You know, your English is awfull?
A: I know.

Additional Option Pack

  • You need Cinematic Mod 4 installed to use the optionpack!
    • This is an alpha-release!
    • Models done: 60%
    • Textures done: 80%
    • The installer will update your current CinematicModV4 installation to version 4.1DL
  • Don't get the optionpack, if...
    • you want 100 percent valve style looking characters
    • you don't own a fast computer with a minimum of 2 GB RAM
    • you are still using a DirectX8 (or lower) card
    • you are a facepunch studios forum admin
  • Give the optionpack a try, if...
    • you want to see the Source Engine used to the limits
    • you are open to a fresh and different look
    • you want to show off your brand new supercomputer
    • you are a fan of Adriana Lima ;)

Legal notice

All soundfiles are from free soundtrack-teasers, re-arranged and remixed. If you encounter a copyrighted song, please contact me for removing the file.

The new models are inspired by the uzilite Poser-Models and constructed after screenshots found in the DAZ3D library and gallery.



FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 4

All subversions are listed below. If you still want to try this old version, you typically only need the marked file(s).