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Cinematic Mod 3

Enhancements since Version 2.32

  • Uses Base Source Engine 2
  • Some textures redone
  • Alyx Highres Models with EP1 Face-Mech (Alyx Construction Kit Pre-Alpha-Release included)
  • Some bugfixed maps for using with SourceEngine 2
  • PHONG/RIM Shaders
  • Partially redone soundtrack and soundtrack-scripts
  • Some minor tweaks

The new Alyx models are using a significant higher poly-amount (up to 39000 polys, Valve's original uses 7500). Therefore you should own a fast graphics card. Don't use this modification with outdated DirectX8 hardware - in this case you WILL see serious stutter.

You need at least 1600 x 1200 Iingame resolution and highest quality settings, or the engine will use the first or second mipmap-level for the hires textures, resulting in a much much much lower quality - in this case the hires textures are looking worse than the original lores-textures.

For a reference in picture-quality check the included reference-screenshots folder; it contain some unaltered ingame-shots, taken with 1920 x 1200 on ATI X1900.


Copy the complete folders "FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic" AND "FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic_German" (german users with german audio only) from this archieve to <PATH TO YOUR STEAM-INSTALLATION/SteamApps/<YOUR USERNAME/SourceMods/ (keeping the directory structure)

Windows will warn you about overwriting directories. This is okay; only new files are copied.

AARGH - What have you done to Alyx?

I can smell the upcoming flaming mails… Alyx in a towel, half-naked? Alyx with some futuristic Suit, that makes her look like a robot? Alyx without our beloved Valve-Style Leatherjacket? Are you crazy?

Yes, I am. But calm down. The chosen mixture of models are a personal taste. (I have a really strange taste sometime) You can use the Alyx Construction Kit (read below) to recover your kind of prefered style or the original valve models.

The Highres-Models are still some kind of experimental addition. Some of you will like them, some of you will hate them. Future versions of CM3 will come with a wider range of variations. I would love to give you 100+ models at this time, but unfortunately I'm a simple human being with some limits and a life beside my modding job. I needed time to learn the basics of modelling, and now I will need more time to create more variations.

Alyx Construction Kit (not even a Pre-Release…)

The ACK is a Pre-Pre-Release, far from finished, but I decided to include it. It contains some alternative models for the several stages in the game.

The five possible model-stages are

  1. Aly1: Intro and Kleiners Lab
  2. Aly2: Eli-Lab (Blackmesa East)
  3. Aly3: Novaprospect
  4. Aly4: C17 Plaza Interim
  5. Aly5: Citadel, Breens Office

In the ACK you will find for each of this possible models some variations. Copy the included Aly... files in the ACK subdirectories to the "models" directory in the Mods folder (where all the Alyx, Aly... models resists). Each subdirectory contains a "CM3 Default" marked directory and a "Valve Style" directory, in case you want the default models or the Valve-look after messing with the model files.

Again: The ACK isn't finished. The final version will contain more variations and a small exe for aiding in swapping the models.


As of this version the Cinematic Mod will use Base Source Engine 2. This leads to numerous advantages, like higher possible global polycount (for more Highpoly models in future versions) or faster overall-performance.

But the new engine has some minor disadvantages…

  • First of all you have to start a new game or new chapter, because the BSP -Files (Maps) are different.
  • The new engine isn't fully backward compatible with HL2's original content. I had to remove two Razortrains from two maps for compatibility with the new engine. (It doesn't affect gameplay). The trains would cause the engine to kick in some kind of super-stutterbug with final crash, so i had to erase this two suckers.
  • The Base Source Engine 2 cannot access non-shared CFG's, like HL2's foreign language CFG files. Therefore the audio-language is always english, only the onscreen-language is correctly translated. Most of you are using english audio anyway, but all other users can fix this for themself: Extract the content of "Half-Life 2_xxx.cfg" (xxx = german or French etc..) with CFGScape (included) and copy the extracted content to the mods language folder. Example: Extract the "sound" folder from "Half-Life 2_german.cfg" Copy the "sound" folder and all enclosed files to <PATH TO YOUR STEAM-INSTALLATION/SteamApps/<YOURUSERNAME/ SourceMods/FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic_German

Legal notice

All soundfiles are from free soundtrack-teasers, re-arranged and remixed. If you encounter a copyrighted song, please contact me for removing the file.

The new models are inspired by the uzilite Poser-Models and constructed after screenshots found in the DAZ3D library and gallery.



FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 3

All subversions are listed below. If you still want to try this old version, you typically only need the marked file(s).