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Cinematic Mod 2

What is this?

  • The Cinematic Modification adds Hires-Textures to all human characters, some non-human characters, nearly all items, walls and vehicles (and the vending mashine of course). (Hint: If you prefer the original Low-Res Textures, delete or rename the "materials" folder inside the Mod.)
  • It replaces the original HL2 music with a more classic score in the style of large Hollywood productions, that fits to the specific game-situations. More orchestral, more ambient, with unique themes for combines and Alyx. (Hint: If you prefer the original HL2-music score, delete or rename the "sound" folder and the "scripts" folder inside the Mod.)
  • It adds a new weapons-balancing and strengthens all the weapons to a more realistic level. No more firing numerous rounds at the combines; kill them with 3 to 5 direct hits, just like in real-life combat, but beware: Your opponents weapons are comparable. After 3 to 5 direct hits (or 1 direct headshot) you *will* be killed. (Hint: If you prefer the original Weapons balancing, delete the file "skill.cfg" inside the Mod's cfg-folder)
  • The additional Insane Hires Props are previous unreleased Hirestextures for nearly all props in the game, even little items like binders, computerparts, doorlocks and so on. The huge amount of details will give your HL2 virtually the look of a render-intro, but be warned: The amount of new textures will tax your hardware to the limit. Better don't use this pack with outdated DirectX8 cards. Don't even think about it, unless you are using a 256+ MB card

Supplementing Info for users of the FakeFactory HiRes Packs

This pack combines all the FakeFactory HiRes Packs together and adds some new ones. Just override the allready installed textures with the new ones in this modification.

Replaced Textures

  • nearly all Lores or Low-Detail textures


  • Half-Life2 installed
  • A graphics-card, that can handle 2048 x 2048 pixel textures (any DirectX9 card should be okay)
  • plenty of RAM (you will see some ingame-stuttering with less than 1.5 GB ram)


  1. Unzip the archive to your harddisk.
  2. Open the unziped archive and copy the "FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic" and the "fakefactory_cinematic_german" (inside "1. MOD Directory") folder to your <path to SteamApps>/SourceMods/ folder and overwrite all previous files...
  3. Install the XVID-Codec, if not allready installed (no restart required) Restart Steam, Start a new game, choose "Third Party Games -> FAKEFACTORY Cinematic Mod" and enjoy a new Half-Life 2 Singleplayer experience. First Run will take significant longer, because the source-engine builds the audio-cache files.

Installation for Garry's Mod

If you want to use the new Hires-Textures with Garry's Mod, copy all content inside the "materials" folder (you'll find this inside the FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic dir) to the according folder in Garry's mod, usually: <path to SteamApps>/SourceMods/gmod9/materials


  • Delete the folders:
    • <path to SteamApps>/SourceMods/FAKEFACTORY_Cinematic
    • <path to SteamApps>/SourceMods/fakefactory_cinematic_german>


If you get aasynchronous sounds, do this: Search the file Autoexec.cgf in the MODS cfg folder for the line <snd_mixahead "0.7"> and change it to <snd_mixahead "0.1">

Legal notice

Used Soundsamples are copyright-free to my knowledge, picked from several free soundtrack teasers. If you encounter a copyrighted song, please contact me, so I can remove the file.

Parts of the bumpmaps are from OGG Hage Mod with permission.



FakeFactory & Ogg's Cinematic Mod 2

All subversions are listed below. If you still want to try this old version, you typically only need the marked file(s).

If you still want to try CM 2, you usually just need the first download link (CM v2.32 Full).