Scroll Up What is Cinematic Mod?

The Cinematic Mod (CM) is a Half-Life 2 modification, that adds more details and a darker look to the original Half-Life 2 series.


Purpose of the Cinematic Mod

The Cinematic Mod features:


Requirements for the Cinematic Mod

- Half-Life 2 software:

* 'Unlocked' means you already started this game, so the game folders etc are already created.

- Operation System:

'Version 9 and later features basic versions without additional HD textures, which may run on 32 bit Windows, but this is untested.

- Hardware:

The latest versions require a fast pc, with:

- Conclusion:

The later Cinematic Mod versions need a 64 Bit Windows OS, because the Source-Engine was never designed for >2GB data in a 32 Bit environment, failing (= crashing) on the 2 GB per application limit on such systems. They also need the full Orange Box pack (HL2 + EP1 + EP2) installed and unlocked, because they use stuff from all episodes.


Future plans for the Cinematic Mod

What FakeFactory wants to add in the next versions of the Cinematic Mod:



Cinematic Mod @ ModDB:



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