CM 2013 make smaller

Dan Hot
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CM 2013 make smaller

Postby Dan Hot » 27 Mar 2017, 20:25

Hello my CM2013 is about 60GB big (56,1gb).
Is there anyway to make it smaller or which files can be deleted?

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Re: CM 2013 make smaller

Postby thatguy81 » 29 Mar 2017, 13:39

If you are on Windows 8.1 or 10, open up a command prompt window, and navigate to the root folder of the Half LIfe.

If the game is located in
go to the folder C:\Games

If the folder name is length you can click on the address bar in explorer, copy it, and past it in the command prompt window by right clicking the mouse. Of course, right cd /d in the line first before pasting. The /d will allow you to change the location of the command prompt if it is on a different drive.

From there, type in, assuming the folder is CM2013 as in the example above:
compact /exe:Xpress16K /c drivers\* /s
This enables the new file compression methods on the files. It is NOT the same as clicking compress files in explorer properties, which is much, much older, much less efficent, and slower.

The xpress16K provides the best compression without affecting speed, there is an option called LZX which will compress more but will be slower.

Depending on the speed of the drive, using Xpress16K can actually reduce load times in Half Life, especially if loading off a mechanical disk and not using an ancient processor.

If you have a modernish processor /exe:LZX isn't too bad, compression is much slower than Xpress16k, but decompression time is super quick, the faster the processor the better. To compress to a different level, you can add /f to the command line. You might want to do this if you want to drop from LZX back to Xpress16K for example.

In fact, even without disk space consideration, if you use a mechanical drive I would recommend using Xpress16K, because of the nature of the files it actually loads noticeably quicker, even before a defrag which helps further!

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