CM 10.90 Release

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby madcat1030 » 04 Dec 2010, 07:20

I just uninstalled my old FakeFactory and reinstalled this one (steam was shut down the entire time) and now I can't launch them with steam open. Which is weird.

And now I can't launch them at all?

Okay, so I just confirmed, I can't launch them if Steam is open. Which is weird. All of the previous CMs, I was able to make shortcuts, and launch them as non-steam games, and use the overlay, all that stuff. Does it just not work with steam anymore? Which would be weird.

Just realized I didn't have 10.94. Maybe that'll fix SOME of my problems.

EDIT: Okay, NOW I can launch through steam, but the menu never loads. I can use the overlay, but not play the game. I'm really looking forward to getting this to work, I love the new Alyx models, as well as the new combine. Only one thing really bugs me, and that's been the same for a while: Kleiner's model. His face is too... round or something... Also, I don't know what the ramifications of the following would be, but I would like to suggest the use of a few light-blockers to fix up a few lighting effects in the introduction area. It's all amazingly beautiful, but there was just one point where light was coming through the entire frame of a door even though the window was only in the middle. Again, no big deal, but it would be cool if the light only came through the window.

Another edit: I just started moving my mouse around with the console open in one of these phantom launches, and learned the following. All the menu options are invisible, menu sounds missing, corners of the console are missing (replaced by checker squares), and I CAN access the "New Game" menu by stopping on the topmost "MISSING SOUND "blahblah.wav"" error that comes through in the console. I'm going to see if at least the game runs. Then maybe I'll figure out my problem on my own. Nevermind again. Any attempt to load or start a game ends in a crash saying that some random prop or texture or model or something is missing.

So... I still can't start via steam.

Aderp, I was trying to launch via self-made non-steam game shortcuts. Using the menu options, I can now launch with steam open and have the overlay. Forgive my stupidity.

@Repzion: Exact same problem I had. Start by making sure you've downloaded and installed 10.94 (it's about 70 extra megabytes), then use the start menu shortcuts. That SHOULD fix it. Unless it's a system-error.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby killerboxer » 04 Dec 2010, 12:28

I have the same "Bug", but I really don't care if steam is not running.

CM 10.94 takes lots of ressources. No steam friends => More ressources dedicated to CM game.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby megakoresh » 04 Dec 2010, 18:08

I do believe that this topic is very relevant. And I think FakeFactory has to read it.
I think this could solve at least all the issues for steam compatibility

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby madcat1030 » 04 Dec 2010, 21:10

With 10.94, I have no incompatibility issues with steam. I've got enough RAM and CPU power to keep the game running with the overlay, which is only a minor tax on the system.

UPDATE: I've run into a silly bug. With the Zero Point Dark Energy Field Manipulator, I cannot manipulate the (what I'm assuming are) Super Elite combine. The ones with the reddish-brown fabric between body-plates. Oh, and ragdolls disappear when I'm not looking at them. Kind of an immersion breaker. Kill a room full of combine, turn around a corner, then turn back, boom, empty room.

New UPDATE: Up until about 5 minutes ago, I was happy with the new HD Alyx models, with an option lacking in disturbingly perky boobs. However. In the episode 1 intro, I noticed something as she was crawling under the crashed gunship. Massive. MASSIVE cameltoe. That purple-ish fabric might as well be her skin! That, and her but cheeks are unnervingly large, but that's no big deal, I can write it off as padding in my mind. But OHMYGOD the cameltoe.

Also, as much as I like the way you eased all the cliffs away from sheer drop-offs, the changes to the cliff in episode 1 around the citadel aren't for the better. When DOG almost drops the car, you just see ground three feet away. Not very nerve-racking, not nearly as effective as being nearly dropped down a bottomless cliff as a train goes by.

one more bug I've run into: If you are in ironsights with the SMG (other weapons possibly, haven't checked) when you run out of ammo in the clip, you will reload instantly, just leaving ironsights.

The strangest thing just happened. It seems to be tied to Episode 1, and more specifically, the Rocket Launcher. It makes all sorts of weird buzzing, clicking, and beeping noises. Like, unnatural. Causes them in a layer over the rest of the sounds.

And now I'm on episode 2: The alyx-hunter sequence timings are off. The antlion did it's half-pounce, then just stood still waiting for the vort to kill it.

At the end of This Vortal Coil, the last time you see the Antlion Guardian before leaving the mines for good, through the wooden boards that it crashes against, there is a sizable section of untextured "pure white" wall and ground.

At the beginning of Freeman Pontifex, I get this message inside the console. Don't see anything unusual in-game, but thought it'd be something to report:
"Soldier bridge_soldier_2 is set to use march anim, but is not an efficient AI. The blended march anim can only be used for dead-ahead walks!"

Sorry, I'm just posting bugs as I run into them, trying to avoid things that aren't new to this version (but there's one displacement bug in Half-Life 2 (EP0) that's been present since vanilla, and still isn't fixed). If I should be putting these elsewhere, just say the word and tell me where.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby Jodeth » 06 Dec 2010, 02:49

A bug in EP1... After DOG throws you and alyx to the citadel, Alyx tells him "good throw", but DOG isn't there; like he disappeared.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby killerboxer » 06 Dec 2010, 21:20

Jodeth wrote:A bug in EP1... After DOG throws you and alyx to the citadel, Alyx tells him "good throw", but DOG isn't there; like he disappeared.
I have the same bug, I just started to play EP1, console returned an animation bug about Dog.

@ madcat1030:
Try to take screenshots (or videos) as soon as you spot a bug, I think its better to locate/identify bugs.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby Razdor » 07 Dec 2010, 01:11

madcat1030, no need to overload this topic. There is a topic for bug reports.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby FAKEFACTORY » 08 Dec 2010, 01:49

killerboxer, thanx for a near perfect bug reporting.
I will catch these in the next days/weeks

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby Razdor » 08 Dec 2010, 10:52

FAKEFACTORY, I have a question about gcf-files (which are listed in the readme). I could not find the files "Base Source Shared Materials.gcf", "Base Source Shared Models.gcf" and "Base Source Shared Sounds.gcf". Why do they need? The mod works fine without these files. And what about the "half-life 2 episode one.gcf"?

Also i would like to say about the fixed Russian voice from Buka (Бука), a publisher in Russia. Propose to make a choice of two versions of the voice: from Valve, and from Buka (half-life 2 buka russian.gcf).

killerboxer wrote:PS: thx Razor for link
It's Razdor ;( Transliteration of раздор.

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Re: CM 10.90 Release

Postby riky89 » 09 Dec 2010, 23:23

i suggest to change light stations in night coast chapter with combine ones i think blue light could fit more with the game atmosphere

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