Adult Character Pimper v5 Download Links

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Adult Character Pimper v5 Download Links

Postby Dadster » 22 May 2014, 03:15

I found these working download links:

In this thread:

I've confirmed that the files are NOT corrupted, contrary to comments made by others. The website's speed for the "FREE DOWNLOAD" option fluctuates between 275 to 375 KB/sec. After you download the first file, you have to wait 10 minutes before you can download the second file.

Once you've downloaded both files, use 7zip to open them. Right click on the "Adult_Pimper_V5.7z.001" file and select "7-zip" to "Open archive". When the "7-zip" window opens, you'll see the "Adult_Pimper_V5.exe" file. Double click on it and you'll be asked where you want to extract the files to. Once you've extracted the files, find the enclosed "ReadMe" files for installation instructions.

Enjoy !

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