"too many indices for index buffer. ."

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"too many indices for index buffer. ."

Postby MaXiMuMMaXiMuS » 27 Nov 2010, 02:39

I've had no game breaking issues with the latest edition of Cinematic mod (10.90 patched with 10.94 update) up until now. I'm playing HL2:Ep2 with everything maxed out running smoothly at 60fps (minimum 40) and I'm at the part just after you see the combine walking across the bridge, before the part where you fight the two giant ant lions. I can assume this error is occurring right before the giant antlions bust out of the tunnels, but I'm not sure, the engine crashes before anything happens. I get the following error:
"Engine Error
too many indices for index bugger. . tell a programmer (79732>32769)"

Hopefully this will help development in one way or another.
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