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configuration files guide

Postby cybmole » 25 Jan 2010, 13:50

files guide

the information below is copied from another forum
so file paths will be different for CM , but config logic & syntax will still be the same:


The next part of this guide is about configuration files. These files are text documents containing commands that alter various settings within the game. There are two main files: autoexec.cfg and config.cfg. config.cfg is your default configuration file, it is usually not necessary to edit this. autoexec.cfg is a file that splices a list of commands INTO config.cfg each time the game is started. This is the file we will be working with. First off, where is this file? The file can be found in this directory:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\YourName\half-life 2\hl2\cfg\

The file 'autoexec.cfg' may not be present in your directory. In this case, it must be created. This can be done using notepad, and saving the file under "All Types" with a '.cfg' extension.

*** for my existing install of CM10.10, this file already exists and contains needed commands - so you can add to it but do not delete or replace the original ****

Within this file, the coding structure is simple. Here is a quick formula for a command:

command variable \ comment
command "variable variable" \\ comment

Do not worry yet, you will understand what this means to you in a few moments. These commands are the same ones entered into the in-game console (to activate the in-game console, check its box under Options > Keyboard > Advanced in game). There are several hundred commands available for use in the console. I will, again, only cover a few that are most relevant to the game's performance and visual quality.

mat_picmip (0-4) - Texture quality. Lower numbers are higher-quality textures. All images above were done using picmip 0 - the highest quality textures available. Variables 3 and 4 are very low quality, and are not recommended. Variable 2 is a great combination of texture quality and performance. Increase for a framerate gain.
mat_bumpmap (0-1) - Texture depth. Enabling this (1) will increase the detail of textures even further, but it is a bit costly to framerate. Disable for a framerate gain.
mat_specular (0-1) - Texture "coating". This enables the shiny surfaces as seen in the DirectX 8.0 screenshot, but also may cause errors as seen in the DirectX 9.0 screenshot. Disable for a framerate gain.
r_shadows (0-1) - Disable/Enable shadows. Very helpful in gameplay. Disable for a framerate gain.
r_decal_cullsize (0-15) - The distance from which bulletholes are visible. Higher numbers mean a shorter viewing distance. Setting this to '0' allows you to see bulletholes at any distance. Increase for a framerate gain.
r_waterdrawreflection (0-1) - Reflect the environment onto the surface of the water. Disable for a framerate gain.
r_waterdrawrefraction (0-1) - View the floor surface through the water. Disable for a framerate gain.
cl_phys_props_enable (0-1) - Disable/Enable the visibility of bricks, cans, and trash objects (only objects with which you may not interact with). Disable for a framerate gain.
fps_max (10-300) - Limit your framerate. I recommend setting this to your monitor's refresh rate (60Hz on most monitors, although some monitors meet or exceed 100Hz).

Those are the most important commands available. Here is a brief example of a working configuration:

mat_picmip 0
mat_bumpmap 0
mat_specular 0
r_shadows 1
r_decal_cullsize 0
r_waterdrawreflection 0
r_waterdrawrefraction 0
cl_phys_props_enable 0
fps_max 60

Again, this text is contained in a text-file called 'autoexec.cfg', in the directory specified above. You must restart HL2 for any changes to this file to take effect (without using the console, of course).

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