Cinematic Mod Crashing Computer

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Cinematic Mod Crashing Computer

Postby skullface2200 » 20 May 2017, 08:52

So before you say "CPU is overheating" My temps are fine and I made sure by reapplying thermal paste and cleaning my whole computer. I can play Gta 5 all high with an ENB WITH LA ROADS for hours with no crashes. Now I ignored it the first time because I thought it was a bug and I will overcome it. I boot up my computer start playing at the prison part and after 2 mins of playing CRASH! This is not like a "HL2.exe Has Stopped Working" This is a whole computer restart. My GPU is a 970 and yes I turn my fan speed high so it does not overheat. My CPU is AMD A10-5800, 8 gigs of ram. So it can't be my computer (Or I don't think it is) but I looked this issue up and NOBODY has had this issue before (Pretty crazy right?) I've tried EVERYTHING and now I'm asking YOU great people for help..(FakeFactory plz help) I love this mod and I don't want to stop playing just cause my computer (or bug) wants to stop me!

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