How to get the old weapon sounds?

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How to get the old weapon sounds?

Postby fanatictentacle » 23 Jan 2015, 22:00

Im really disappointed with the new weapon sounds of CM13! Those dont sound like weapons to me... more like copy machines or something

Would it be possible to get the old files and patch them into the new steampipe version without too much effort?

btw: with the old ones I mean the sound from CM10/CM12 (the last ones I played before "coming back")

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Re: How to get the old weapon sounds?

Postby Poormetheus » 17 Jul 2016, 12:49

Yes, I can help you.

You should go to the folder called 'REPOSITORY' and in there you will find two others: one called HDWEAPONS, the other called LOWEAPONS.

The latter of the two contains the 'vanilla' weapons, the sound of which you prefer. It's now just a matter of copying the audio files from whichever weapons you want, and pasting them into their respective places in the HDWEAPONS sounds folder.

It worked for me with the shotgun and the ar2 . . .

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Re: How to get the old weapon sounds?

Postby dwulf » 07 Feb 2017, 00:56

Poormetheus, can you please tell me exactly which folder the weapon sounds should be copied into, in order for this to work? I have tried copying them over the HD sounds in the Repository folder as well as copying them into the CM2013/hl2/sounds/weapons folder (had to create the weapons folder as it wasn't there already), to no avail. I could not tell any difference in the sound in either case. Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

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