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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby thatguy81 » 01 Apr 2015, 02:56

MadMakz wrote:There's a 68 pages topic on the mods steam-forum with a kinda flame war about if either that or CM is "better".
Most people don't get the point that both are free, do totally different things with completely different intentions and that everyone is free to choose or try both of them or any other mod.

Don't get me wrong, i really like to see the steady popularity of CM getting a peak once in a while (even added a secondary location to make the downloads as smooth as possible on the recent hype), but some peoples arguing is just awful.

Too true. Not only that, they serve a completely different purpose. The recent HL2 update was more about fixing bugs and other issues, whilst essentially maintaining the original game. Complaining about the changes from this is really quite well, stupid to be honest. You can probably guarantee that if it wasn't a 'community' fix and it was done years ago they'd say it's an essential update that you have to have. Likewise with Cinematicmod. If it was an official update/rerelease of the game the same people whinging about it would probably think it's the best thing ever to be released in gaming history (okay, slight exaggeration, maybe, but the point I'm making is valid).

What basis do they have to complain anyway? It's free, and you can still play the original game if you want. It's beyond a massive improvement! If Source 2 is available for modding with HL2 (or a conversion in some way is possible), it would be nice if Cinematicmod was ported on to it because there are a great number of improvements that can be done under the new engine. Plus, the game would run a whole lot better if under 64-bit, and you didn't have the load points which you don't need with Source 2. This of course requires action by Valve to have Source 2 available for it, and the willingness of Fakefactory to start work on the Source 2 version. He has spent an inordinate amount of time and effort on CM through to version 2013, if people with knowledge of Source editing put their hands up I'm sure they could work something out with Fakefactory to have input into future versions, if possible. This is only really possible with Source 2, since the current engine has been pushed to the maximum with Fakefactory's wonderous efforts :).

Who knows, imagine Source 2 available for HL2, with DirectX 12/OpenGL Vulkan (if available in the future under Source 2), in addition to combining the best of the extra chapters (options in the configurator) in playable order? That would be something amazing! Of course, that's just wishful thinking, and unlikely.

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby jcgeny » 02 Apr 2015, 09:18

the only update hl2 cm 2013 can suffer 8"] , is to add monsters and path points for combats as well as some special effects . i prefer seing some particules thingies [ or some physx to animate clothes or objects] instead of things that were added .
beside that when comparing with others games and engine , unreal3 is a masterpiece and games like mafia2 and batman 2 & 3 , or even The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, where player can visit a big city with roads , shops and peoples should be what will be able to do source2 .

for CM2015 , ff should try to setup the team and check the work ...i already rewritten the story so now it s new , faster and shorter . the game should be completed with new models or extended parts of town or sea [ inside boats ...]

i think models can be used from l4d* , bms , sin episode and hl2 mods [ even css , dods..beside non valve ]

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby Tequila628 » 03 Apr 2015, 09:37

Is there a version without dickbutts, various penises, boris dicknose, whore and sex graffiti and black dildo on Alyx's bed? Or is it your artistic vision?

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby bandit1982 » 03 Apr 2015, 17:02

SimonSezz wrote:
bandit1982 wrote:How can I restore music from CM12 for this place?

sexus wrote:why , whats wrong with the music ?

bandit1982 wrote:
sexus wrote:why , whats wrong with the music ?

There is no music at all. :(

I mean this theme:

As I have reported some weeks ago, some musics in the game aren't well triggered. I have tried a lot of things to restore it, but everything failed...
FakeFactory is the only one who can fix this i guess.
All we can hope is that these problems will be fixed in the next update ;) .

When next update will be available?

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby MadMakz » 19 Apr 2015, 00:47


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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby Dadster » 19 Apr 2015, 06:24

- The "History" details in the OP shows most recent release as v1.02


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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby thatguy81 » 20 Apr 2015, 06:36

What's the music difference like before and after the Cinematic Mod 2013 music removal?

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby sexus » 20 Apr 2015, 09:37

thats something i too would like to know, if its crap , then someone has to upload the removed tracks as a seperate archive , so we can restore the goodness, thanks

and thanks for the new release fake

those record labels can go and just gtfo, they just have to mess with anything and everything even with such artistic value as what CM brings isnt enough for them they have to destroy its artistic decisions as well

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby thatguy81 » 20 Apr 2015, 09:44

A second point:

Does the recent 'update' for Half-Life 2 affect anything in the Cinematic mod? What I mean is, the Cinematic mod uses some resources files from Half-Life 2, correct? So, if they are updated, do they have any effect on the mod whatsoever?

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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Postby FAKEFACTORY » 20 Apr 2015, 20:39

thatguy81 wrote:What's the music difference like before and after the Cinematic Mod 2013 music removal?

No new music. Its just the original (VALVE) soundtrack restored.

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