[3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby thatguy81 » 28 Jan 2017, 06:40

It seems like some of the stuff in CM: Awakening is similar to this. Is collaboration possible? I don't mean specifically merging the two projects, but making it so you can utilise each others resources, fixes, etc. I'm sure there is stuff that you like that they don't, and vice-versa, but that doesn't matter. It's about sharing the elements that you do like. You could even have one big mega version (which would probably end up being the most popular) that combines all of their mod and all of yours, in one epic gameplay mod :).

At the very least it would save doubling down on changes and fixes so project participants can focus their attention on other elements that need changing. I'm sure that in the extra chapters, and the extra stuff they have, that there are elements and storyline that could benefit from improvements.

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby AlexDC2013 » 28 Jan 2017, 08:26

I will try to contact CMA dev team this days. I don't know if they are interested to combine our projects. But with there support I could finaly fix every single bug.
There mod contains probably new resources that can help.

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby MadMakz » 31 Jan 2017, 19:54

Added 1.9 Torrent :)

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby Gendarme0 » 17 Feb 2017, 21:19

Hey please read carefully because its import to your mod

I test the new version and i would say its really nice work but i have some points to tell you:
1-you better make optional weapons menu (like characters pimper) and add a lot of weapons to selects (from gamebnan) because some weapons in EC not cool.
2-remove the new combine and alyx models,,seriously dude they not cool (roll)
3-EP2 still have A.I problem
4-after install EC and activate it,the bat file should delete the EC folder in Repository becouse it take huge space (20 gb) and we already have EC inside hl2\customs.
5-they no need to add "activate scenes" yoy should activate all scenes before upload the mod.
6-move you mod to new patch,,make it like source mod not juat add-on like Nightmare house 2,,make EXTRA CHAPTERS and make luncher for it,,example:
CM2013/Extra chapters mod
((when you make EC a mod not just add-on you can import new features like make multiple players mods,,also you can import HARD mod design to CM like SMOD !
Thank you so mush for your hard work and great mod !

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby AlexDC2013 » 17 Feb 2017, 22:49

Thanks for all sugestions man

I agree with all your points. An weapon chooser with a lot of weapons to select and optimized ironsights and sounds for every one should be a good move.

New Alyx model (armored) it is integrated in Character Pimper, it can be changed any time with one of Fakefactory original models.

I can't apply all scene fixes in the same time, for some reasons I can't manage to build an universal scene.image that integrates all scenes from all mods. That's why I developed the scene fix system in the first time. This system replaces the original scene.image file with the specified mode one. If you activate a scene fix for a mod in EP2 you can't activate another one in the same EP without replacing the first one. This is how it works for the moment and I hope I'm going fix this soon.

I know EP2 A.I. fix did not worked well, right now I make some changes that sems to work, half of all maps are fixed.

About combine, I will try to integrate them as an option in Character Pimper like I did with Alyx model.

And about making EC a source mod, this will be the hard step... I need to modify the whole structure, combine scripts and all types of datas. It should interesting, but I don't guarantee it will happen soon.

Thanks for writing! And glad to se few peoples that still plays CM2013 :)

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby Gendarme0 » 18 Feb 2017, 00:58

Thank you for replay,i keep my eyes on your mod and i want to see it get bigger with other mods and be a full mod for CM not just add-on (like CM:Awakening)
And i play cm for years ! And i still ,,actually i make maps and teat on CM like i made a hug fyhpox house and import maps from other games (like stalker )to cm using z-o-m-b-i-e base for test. (I post some in my fb group,you can join here and share you work with HL fans https://www.facebook.com/groups/HalfLifeCommunity/ )
And fouce on point 4 (about EC copying)
CM is alife way not just mod ! :D

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby daai2012 » 03 May 2017, 17:47

Greetings all!

I am a huge fan of FakeFactory's CM, and since I am a musician, I was very fond of the new music in it. As I am reading here, the music can be reenabled with these Extra Chapters v1.9 (a .bat file). However, the link is kinda dead (torrent does not work) - would anyone please be so kind and reupload it, so the CM2013 can be played with music again?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby JtheDudeC » 10 May 2017, 05:06

Gendarme0 wrote:full mod for CM not just add-on (like CM:Awakening)

Well, thanks for pointing that mod out.
Wondering what's so bad about Awakening, as it looks like an official update to CM2013.

Was approved by FakeFactory and will contain new enemies like HoundEyes, BullSquids and even Xen Maps.

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby stanros » 01 Sep 2017, 09:35

Any chance of someone beginning to seed this again, or maybe just a reupload somewhere?

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Postby tienhinhconcho2018 » 08 Sep 2017, 07:51

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