[3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

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[3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby AlexDC2013 » 26 Jan 2014, 10:07

Download (d>) Version 1.9

Link: https://getsio.net/user/alexdc2013/pub/

V1.9 will be down for few days. I realy need to make some changes


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Thanks to MadMakz for download link and Torrent (thumb_1)

Official Trailer


Hi everyone!

In my opinion Half-life 2 series is to short so I added some extra mods in game. In the first versions of Extra Chapters I had some problems, but now almost all has been fixed. Extra Chapters contains a lot of interesting mods desgined for Half-Life 2 and modified to be used with FakeFactory's mod for a better playng quality and a longer gameplay. Few of them still have bugs, but in time, I will try to fix them all.

In EC2013 v1.4 I start to use Bonus Map system for mods distribution because I hat problems when mods was distributed as simple chapters in New Game panel. Extra Chapters structure is similar to an DLC pack or Addon pack. You can Activate, Deactivate and Uninstall Extra Chapters without affecting original Cinematic Mod.
Here is the mods list

******************** MODS DISTRIBUTION ********************

Nightmare House 2 (2015)

1187: Episode One
-Bonus Maps
-Rogue Train

Half-Life 2(Launcher_EP0)

-Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (scene fix)
-Powerstation 17
-Ravenholm - The Lost Chapter (scene fix)
-Short Missions
-1. Death End Route
-2. Data Place
-Causality Effect
-Riot Act (scene fix, hand fix)
-Rock 24 (scene fix)
-Penetration (scene fix)
-The Lost City
-Coastline to Atmosphere (scene fix)
-Awakening (scene fix, hand fix)
-Strider Mountain (scene fix)
-Half-Life 2: Calamity (scene fix)

Half-Life 2: Episode One(Launcher_EP1)

-Lambda Incursion
-Spherical Nightmares (scene fix)
-Sebastian (scene fix)
-Spruce Cape Map Pack
-Short Missions
-1. Nova Prospekt Continued
-Local Motive (scene fix)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two(Launcher_EP2)

-Mission Improbable
-Slums 2 Extended
-Research and Development
-Deep Down
-Baryonic Predicament
-Outpost 16 (scene fix)
-Silent Escape (scene fix, hand fix)
-Short Missions
-1. Aether
-2. Agglutinaatio
-3. Cooldiradical
-4. Cool Forest Walk
-5. Cool Gluon
-6. Cool Mission
-7. Cool Prison Escape
-8. Cool Prison Escape 2
-9. Enthalpy
-10. Enthalpy 2
-11. Redox
-12. Magellanic Stream
-13. Lakeside
-14. Frogotten Valley
-15. Intrusion
-16. BL Onirico
-17. Je Ne Sais Pas
-18. Sniper Yard
-19. The Radiostation
-20. Overawe
-21. Diversion
-22. Dewdle
-23. Another Untold Story
-24. A Freeman Apart
-25. Hazard Trip
-26. Transmission
-27. Lost Journey
-28. Dysnomitude
-29. Disposal
-30. Drain
-31. High Wire
-32. Northern Face
-33. Outpost 57
-34. Retraction Valley
-35. Abyss
-Overflow (scene fix)
-No Escape
-Project 25 (scene fix)
-Precursor (scene fix, hand fix)
-Joutomaa Redux (scene fix)
-The Citizen Returns (scene fix, hand fix)
-Liberation (scene fix)
-Year Long Alarm
-Forest Train (scene fix)
-Eye Of The Storm (scene fix, hand fix)
-Station 51
-Raise The Bar
-Avenue Odessa (scene fix)
-Combine Base
-Station 60 (scene fix)
-Vertical (scene fix)
-Lost In The Subway Redwell St.
-Water (scene fix)
-Dangerous World (scene fix, hand fix)
-Antlions Everywhere (hand fix)
-Uncertanity Principle (scene fix)
-The Fall Of Ravenholm
-Prospekt (scene fix, hand fix)
-Precinct 17 (scene fix)

******************* CHANGELIST ***********************

Version 1.9

1. 4 new mod added.
2. 18 new short mission added.
3. Antlions Everywhere updated from v1.1 to v1.2.(EP2:EC 37)
4. Realistic antlions skins added.
5. Hints fixed in Mission Improbable.(EP2:EC 1)
6. RPG world model fix and skin improvements.
7. Realistic Barancle skin added.
8. Fix for Gravity Gun world model added.
9.Glow-Mapped HP Items updated.
10.Sniper Rifle ammo rounds world model fixed.(EP2)
11.Outpost 16 sounds fixed.(EP2:EC 10)
12.Outpost 16 in game missing start message fixed.(EP2:EC 10)
13.Realistic Alyx Gun skin added and world model fixed.
14.Ironsight recalibrated for few weapons.
15.Dangerous World missing textures fixed.(EP2:EC 36)
16.Replaced Combine Pulse Rifle with an more realistic model.(EP1)
17.Realistic skin for SMG Ammo Box added.
18.Realistic Stalker skin added.
19.Missing textures caracter fixed for Ravenholm: The Lost Chapter (EP0:EC 3), Data Place (EP0:SM 1) and The Citizen Returns. (EP2:EC 19)
20.Title fixed. (EP1)
21.Missing texture fixed for Lambda Incursion. (EP1:EC 2)
22.A.I. Disabled bug fixed. FIXED FOR GOOD :) (Every single map of all extra chapters and short missions)
23.Advanced game launcher added.

Version 1.8

1. 2 new mods added as new episodes.(Download at GetsIO)
2. 6 new short missions added.
3. 19 new mods added.
4. Update system fix.
5. Uninstall system fix.
6. Readme_CM2013.txt file fixed.
7. Scene fix added for Ravenholm: The Lost Chapter.(EP0:EC 3)
8. Map fix for Eye Of The Storm.(EP2:EC 23)
9. Small fix for Fisherman from Lost Coast.(EP0:EC 1)
10.Fix for Extra Chapters menu.
11.Language fix removed.(not usefull anymore)
12.Spartan Combine skins added.
13.Realistic popcan added.(different color in each episode)
14.Realistic manhack added.
15.RPG-7 world model, realistic skin and better sound added.
16.Realistic USP added for pistol.(EP0)
17.Alyx Spartan skin added to Character Pimper.
18.Missing texture for combine balls fixed.
19.Armsel Striker world model; hud name; glossy texture fixed and better sound added.(EP2 Shotgun)
20.AR2 realistic texture added and ammo cartilage fixed.(EP1 Combine Rifle)
21.Realistic camo skin added for combine helicopter.(different colors in each episode)
22.Animated dropship container added.
23.Changings to maximum ammo that can be carryed for all weapons.
24.Realistic Gravity Gun world model added.
25.Uncompleted maps from Eye Of The Storm 2 added as chapter 5.(EP2:EC 23)
26.Replacing MRC with a realistic M4A1 model.(EP1 SMG)
27.Realistic animation added for corssbow.(EP1)

Version 1.7

1. 4 new mod added.
2. "Activate Extra Chapters.bat" fix.
3. Soundscape fix for 2 mods from EP2.
4. Episodes titles added back to main menu.
5. Cinematic Mod Soundtrack added back.(copied from CM 2013 Final 1.01, the last version that have it)
6. Realistic hand skins added for hand fix mods.
7. Realistic medickit and battery added.
8. Desert Eagle hud icon added.
9. Some hud icon fixes.
10.Mark.23 Socom laser added back.
11.Recalibrated iron sight for all weapons.
12.Realistic rollermine added.
13.Realistic glass shot effect added.
14.Realistic blue muzzelflash updated from v1 to v2.
15.Realistic water splash effect added.
16.Multiplayer mode.(Just menu added, still in work)
17.Few translation to romanian problems fixed.
18.Some changes for EC update system added.

Version 1.6

1. 7 new mods added.
2. Hand fix for all mods that not have Freeman or someone wearing H.E.V. Suit as main caracter added.
3. Silent Escape (EP2:EC 11) no title at chapter start bux fixed.
4. Player model bug fixed.
5. Realistic laser for Combine Sniper added.
6. Extra Chapters images changes.
7. HD skins for birds added.
8. Romanian translate for all EP2 mods intro and in-game info added.
9. Steam AppID fix added.
10.Translation fix.

Version 1.5

1. All test maps, duplicate files and other useless files deleted.
2. 12 New separated missions (small mods) added.
3. 5 new mods added with there scenes fix commands.
4. 2 new maps from Ville Mapping Competiotion added.
5. Original names of all chapters from all mods added.
6. Fix some problems with EC2013 bat command system.
7. Reconstructed update system for fixing some bugs.
8. All Extra Chapters images added.
9. Fix missing models bug from Silent Escape (EP2:EC 11).

Version 1.4

1. Reworked Main Menu.
2. All mods chapters added back.
3. Mods are now distributed with Bonus Maps system (copied from a Portal mod and reworked).
4. New weapons added.
5. Every episode has diferent weapons sets.
6. Weapons ammo clips has diferent sizes (real sizes for more realistic effects).
7. Fix Benellli M3 (EP0 Shotgun) ironsight.
8. New realistic skin added for Stunstick.
9. Fix Stunstick world model error.
10.Fix all model errors from Silent Escape (EP2:EC 11).

Version 1.3

1. 3 new mods added.
2. Fix for Lost Coast and Spherical Nightmares scenes bug.
3. Reworked .bat commands system (Read HOW TO INSTALL/UNINSTALL section before start run commands).
4. Fix a little bug on english language.
5. New weapons skins and models.
6. All weapons ironsight working.
7. Sniper Rifel (old Crossbow) have ironsight and longshoot mod.
8. Add Bullet-time (default key "t").
9. All weapons names are changed with true models names.
10.Add Annabelle, Alyx's Gun; Suit Case and Food Package (press "GIVE SPECIAL WEAPONS" in Main Menu. Use "e" to
grab Alyx's Gun from ground).
11.Ragdols collide with objects added.
12.Added new hud icons for new weapons (HL2:CTF + My modifications).
13.Reworked entire Main Menu.
14.Delete mods backgrounds (To much visual bugs).
15.Mods can be started now directly from Main Menu.
16.[Optional\Experimental]Separate CM2013 base.vpk to support new mods. (read more at OPTIONAL\EXPERIMENTAL section).

Version 1.2

1. Fixed EP0 chapter 18 image (Union).
2. Change names of "Add Extra Chapters.bat" to "Activate Extra Chapters.bat" and "Delete Extra Chapters.bat" to
"Deactivate Extra Chapters.bat" (Please delete the old .bat files after apply this update).
3. Add a new command "Uninstall Extra Chapters". (Delete extra chapters from game and Repository. So if you want
to permanently delete extra chapters run this command).
4. Compatibility test with Beta 2 (result 100%). Beta 2 don't create any bug to extra chapters, so you can
update without any fear.

Version 1.1 Fix

1. Removed chapter 33 (Just chapter from menu, level still exist) because have a conflict with chapter 9

Version 1.1

1. 2 new mods added.
2. fix a small problem with Add Chapters command.

Version 1

1. 14 mods added to game.
2. Chanege some weapons.(Ironsight for shotgun is not working very good)
3. Screensot command added.(Press F4 to take screenshots)
4. Backgrounds are working again.
5. Fix EP1 bug showing EP2 backgrounds.
6. Add mods backgrounds.
7. All new chapters have names.(English; Romanian) If you use another language you will see something like this
8. Change hands skins with a HD version.
9. Change weapons shells with a HD version.
10.Add intro video back.

Version 1.9


Older Versions
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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby thatguy81 » 27 Jan 2014, 13:21

I think it would be great to have some of the better extra chapter mods etc added into CM, including Lost Coast considering it was actually part of the game originally anyway.

Here's the IMPORTANT part ;) (sorry for the caps, I needed to highlight this point). The extra chapters etc should be an option in the configurator. That is, have the game as it is now, with the extra chapters an option called Extended Edition, or something along those lines.

The reason for this is because some people would prefer to play the existing levels, and many would like to get the most out of the game as possible. Since the game and levels are already heavily modded, the extra chapters won't detract from the game, they'll 'add' to it. I'm not suggesting to add every extra chapter, just include the better ones.

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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby AlexDC2013 » 27 Jan 2014, 14:45

I like the idea. You're right, maibe somewone don't like the extra chapters. But this is not a problem because I make a backup fo every mod before apply. (To fix bugs,etc.) So I have files but I dont have skils to make a option to add/remove chapters for Configurator.

I would like to see the mods as an official patch. But I can not do this without the help and agreement of FF.
I hope FF will see this initiative as a good one and will accept to do such a patch.

Anyway I will make a video. And maibe then players will tell if they want or not the patch. :)

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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby Iwantep3 » 05 Feb 2014, 01:20

Hello, I also think that HL2 is too short.

So I would be very interested in an extended Version (thumb_1)
The idea of making the extra chapters available through the configurator sounds good to me!
I hope that this will become real some day ;)

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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby AlexDC2013 » 05 Feb 2014, 07:37

Because I don't know how to modify Configurator, I make two command lines. One to add mods to ther directories and one to delete them. When I finish you only need to open add chapters.bat to add them and delete chapters.bat to delete them.

I'll probably finish today and if everything is ok maybe I will upload it on the internet.
As first relase will have some bugs. But if someone want to semnalate me it's more than welcome to do that. :)
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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby AlexDC2013 » 06 Feb 2014, 08:31

Some screenshots



Mission Improbable


Resarch and Development


This is just a little part. :DD. There are 14 mods that were added.

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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby AlexDC2013 » 06 Feb 2014, 11:57

It's done.

I know.. I promise a video first. But I think everyone prefers to play not to see how somewone else play.
So this is it. My first patch. :DD

Read README!!!!!!!! file before do anithing.

Link: http://mirror.spiffytek.net/user/alexdc2013/pub/

Thanks to MadMakz for link.

Update 1.1 aviable!!!

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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby GITech » 05 Mar 2014, 20:53

Awesome! Looking forward to playing through this. THANKS!

But, one question..

What to do with the "fix" BAT?

Do I need to do something with the console for this file?

BTW, has the pulse rifle been restored to it's original model and sounds? (I have been able to try it with mods and by returning it to "original" through the CM configurator, but the sound is not the original pulse rifle sound.) ...WISHFUL THINKING! :)


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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby AlexDC2013 » 05 Mar 2014, 21:33

Fix Patch resolve a litle problem with a chapter from ep2. And not need nothing for it, just put him in the folder and run fix.
About pulse rifle sound I dont have any idea. I not change that gun. I think you should talk with Fakefactory abot that bug.

Thanks for message. If you have another questions just tell me :)

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Re: Cinematic Mod 2013 + Some mods

Postby GITech » 05 Mar 2014, 23:06

Super awesome, thanks!

How will this play out?

Will the chapters automatically be loaded after I finish the previous making for a continuous longer game?

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