[3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby Valerys » 16 Nov 2017, 11:57

I'm seeding now the 1.9 version (thumb_2)

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Re: [3rd-party]Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9

Postby keith001 » 24 Feb 2018, 17:18

I'm back !!!!!!!!!!! After taking rather a long time off i'm getting back into Half-Life 2 ( Cinematic Mod(s) ) & all the other bits & pieces too. I must say I can't believe not much has changed ! Why the hell can we still get updates to CM13 Nude models, but we still have to run round is the same crappy ass 14 year old HEV Suit ? I thought someone might of changed it by now ? Oh well time to blow the dust off my old HDD & see whats on it ....................

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