Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby Dr.Freeman » 09 Feb 2014, 20:24

If this problem still exists for someone - try to wait
Now our team in 6 mens downloads all FFCM's versions and available last-date GCF's in one big torrent. It will be done ASAP (hope within few weeks)

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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby theend587 » 23 Mar 2014, 07:33

On TPB there is a file called Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 [PCDVD][Ingles][2010]
and im am currently using it for CM8/10/11/12 works great (thumb_1).
If you dont own a game from this torrent then dont install it.
Is not corrupt and
Im seeding this one almost 24/7
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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby ThunderRunner » 07 May 2014, 07:04

Every time I try to download the torrent, it gets stuck at 95.4 percent done then just stops downloading. Any idea of how to fix this? Cuz I am also unable to use the direct download links as well.

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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby tongclub62 » 13 Aug 2015, 05:58

Thanks for this thread :D Yesterday I bought the OrangeBox and I was really happy now to be able to play this great Mod.

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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby Teapwn12 » 09 Jan 2017, 11:37

How do I actually get the files from Kickass? Whenever I try to, it says I have to create a "free" account. I did so, but whenever I try to login it just sends me to a website called My Movies Club. I don't know how to sign in to kickasstorrents.to itself a get the god damn files. Any help, please?

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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby yaevinn4 » 09 Jan 2017, 23:57

hey guys help!!! i want too play the cinematic mod but i can find the gcf with lenguage spanish someone could help me?

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Re: Temporary fix for the SteamPipe update.

Postby USMANPIRATEBAY » 15 Apr 2018, 05:15

Hi Bro!
My name is Usman and I need your help, support and assistant desperately.

Actually , I want to play HALF LIFE 2, Episode 1 and Episode using Fake Factory's Cinematic Mod 12.

But can't find the GCF files.

Neither of the links that you have posted seem to work.

https://kickass.to/valve-gcf-files-need ... 79861.html

I would request you to please expedite and send all the required files that are needed to run Fake Factory's Cinematic Mod 12 OR send upload them using a single consolidated TORRENT OR you can also send me an email for those files.

I have spend endless hours searching for one single link or set of links on a single page that can be used to download these files ; but most of them are now broken, or required a password.

Will be very thankful for your understanding, support and help.

Thanks a lot again.

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