CM11 Release Candidate 2c *update*

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Re: CM11 Release Candidate 2 (Update from RC) REUPLOAD

Postby Rici » 06 Dec 2011, 20:39

sl0wboy wrote:Long time lurker first time poster here. I’ve been playing since the initial release of CM10 and I love how this mod transforms HL2. I just played through EP0 with CM11 RC2 and wanted to point out some bugs/gripes/nitpicks.

General gripes:

-The HUD reticle in EP2 is tiny, only a few pixels across.
-Also, is there a way to restore the retail damage and difficulty settings?

Hi fakefactory and cinematic mod players,

I noticed some hud-errors like the one mentioned by sl0wboy, but they only occure in Episode 2.
The Font used for the hud in Episode 2 seems to be very low-res.
Also something is wrong with the crosshair, it is very small.
Besides some icons in the ammo-display are overlaping each other.

I tried replacing some files of the "resource" folder (where hud-scripts and fonts files are located) with files from the original GCFs, but it didnt work, i could not get rid of the hud-errors.
Here are some pictures. (Please note that I have replaced the weapon-models with the models from version 10.42, apart from that i have not changed anything)

Here you can se the low-res font. On the left you can see original Episode 2 with the correct font.

Another example of the low-res font. Below you can see the correct font of original Epsisode 2 again.


Here are the overlaping icons. The rocket icon of the Cinematic mod should be resized.

I also noticed that the title of a new chapter is written in another font, please check the pic out in full size so you can see the title and the very small crosshair, too (the little dots in the middle):

Here is the original Episode 2 title for comparison:

These are the errors i noticed. They are not so bad, but they can be bad for the atmosphere. Maybe somebody knows a solution.
Tell me if i should use the thumbnail-pics instead of full size.
I am also interested in the other issue mentioned by sl0wboy, about how to change/restore the retail damage and difficulty settings...
I tried editing the skill.cfg but i never managed to find the right settings like in retail

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Re: CM11 Release Candidate 2c *update*

Postby ceu160193 » 08 Dec 2011, 12:01

After last update Antlions (not Antlion Guards) have incredible amount of health - 150!
Is it normal?

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Re: CM11 Release Candidate 2c *update*

Postby sl0wboy » 10 Dec 2011, 08:56

ceu160193 wrote:After last update Antlions (not Antlion Guards) have incredible amount of health - 150!
Is it normal?

OK I take back what I said about the antlions! The friendly antlions are definitely effective again, but it's not so fun anymore when they're against you!

Here's a few issues I found in EP1:

-In the intro: Vortigaunt teleport effect does not affect HD Alyxs.
-At the start of "Lowlife" right when you get out of the train fight music starts to play. It's not supposed to start till you fight the zombines for the first time.
-In the hospital in the city there's a door that's completely black. I know this has been there since at least CM10.

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Re: CM11 Release Candidate 2c *update*

Postby Terepin » 10 Dec 2011, 20:25

I wanted to give it another try, but after seeing
FAKEFACTORY wrote:- Antlions health increased
it's going to happen.
I think. Therefore, we have nothing in common.
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.

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Re: CM11 Release Candidate 2c *update*

Postby kucing123 » 15 Aug 2014, 09:22

Where the CM11 RC2b, can somewant upload the files ?
All download link CM11 RC2c is dead, Can somewant upload again ?

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