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Re: CM11 Release Candidate

Postby Tessera » 06 Jul 2012, 15:22

Hello everyone. My name is Tessera and I'm a modder. Amongst other things, I have released many patches and mods for Vampire -- The Masquerade: Bloodlines, which was built upon an early alpha version of the Source engine.

I am mentioning all of that stuff not to blow my own horn, but simply to qualify my next statements. I am very familiar with the Source engine and all of its various quirks. With that in mind, I wanted to make an observation regarding the Razor Trains in HL2...

I understand why Fakefactory removed the Razor Trains from the maps. It is indeed true that they cause an incredible glitch in the engine when they spawn and start moving. The symptom is an enormous amount of lag, which can last for as long as 30 seconds or more. It is very clearly a Source engine problem.

So I did a bit of experimenting, with one of the HL2 maps. I forget the name of the map right now... it's the very first map where the Razor Train appears. I think it was "d1_trainstation_2" or some such. Anyway, instead of removing the Razor Train completely, I swapped in a "normal" train model instead and adjusted its orientation on the tracks. Then I fired it up and tested it.

And the engine -still- lagged horribly when the train spawned.

Based upon my understanding of Source maps, this leads me to suspect that the "razor train bug" is not being caused by the model itself. If it were, then I wouldn't have experienced the same lag when I substituted a different model for the train. So the lag bug must instead be caused by some other factor. Some possibilities would be...

(1) The sound effect for the razor train's horn is not being processed properly.

(2) There could be a map brush and/or a map trigger(s) which are likewise not being processed properly.

(3) The parenting being used for the Razor Trains is no longer fully supported by the newer Source engine builds. Hence, it would need to be reconfigured in the map.

As I say, the bug occurs no matter which actual models are being used for the train. This is very indicative of some other problem being the cause. If so, then that's good news... because the fix for this bug will probably be a simple matter of editing the text portions of the map and changing whatever variables are responsible.

Suggestion: duplicate the way that the very first moving train spawns in the game, and then substitute all of that code for the Razor Trains. I'm talking about the "normal" train that almost runs us over as we flee through the train yard during the earliest part of the game. Once that code has been copied and substituted for the Razor Train code, we could then likewise substitute the proper Razor Train models in place of the "normal" train models. Keep in mind that it is not the models which are causing the glitch, so it shouldn't make any difference which train models we use.

I wanted to post this information, in the hope that it might steer Fakefactory into the right direction. Obviously, removing the trains altogether is the least desirable way to work around this issue. A better way would be to start looking at all of the map triggers connected to the Razor Trains and try to figure out which code block is causing the engine to have a massive brain fart.

I'm sure that I could fix this issue myself, and maybe I will some day, but I'm a busy man and I already have about two dozen projects lined up on my desktop. So perhaps Fakefactory can take another look at this issue..? Especially since we now know that the actual train model has absolutely nothing to do with this bug.

Just a suggestion, and I apologize for the lengthy post. Keep up the good work. And let me know if you need another host for any of your mods. I have my own web site and we have plenty of room on our server for high-quality mods such as yours.

All my best,

- Tessera -
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Re: CM11 Release Candidate

Postby Gorgoth » 07 Jul 2012, 00:24

You make valid points But i'd have to disagree. that train is pretty anoying and is only used once in the game, ok it might be cool the first time but after playing hl2 atleast 5 times you want to just be able to play and experience all the new fetures of cinematic mod without having to stop and then reverse backwards just to add a very small gameplay element that is never revisited.
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Re: CM11 Release Candidate

Postby kucing123 » 15 Aug 2014, 09:18

All link download is dead, Can somewant reupload all the files again ?

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