MadMakz Retiring

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MadMakz Retiring

Postby MadMakz » 30 Jan 2017, 00:49

I'm makeing it short.

I'm leaving because i can no longer live with the fact that the "new" head administration obviusly does not care about this board, its security and its users and takes no action agains the Spam (i keeped this clean alone for the past 1 1/2 years).

Ears where deaf when i offered multiple times to takeover the site/board to make sure it runs secure.

I can't and no longer want to "support" this kind of administration.
Its sad as i PMed my concern (at the time about the issue) about these new owners back in mid 2015 to FAKEFACTORY already, unfortunaly at a time Fake didn't cared much about his Mod anymore, i never got a reply from him.

So all i can say now is good bye
Yours Makz

P.S.: The downloadmirror will remain available for sure.

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Re: MadMakz Retiring

Postby ROCKNROLLKID » 01 Feb 2017, 06:23

Ya, I hear you. I have been playing cinematic Mod for a long time, but only recently I came to the forums to play the extra chapters developed by AlexDC2013. Then I heard there is a continued of Cinematic Mod from different developers and I am planning on moving to that. Maybe you could join up with them if you still like cinematic mod:

I even passed this over to AlexDC2013 and he said he is thinking about moving his project over there, too, if the developers agree.

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Re: MadMakz Retiring

Postby jcgeny » 07 Mar 2017, 20:56

that is sad news...
fakeXfactory is dumb and has fooled us a bit when he leaved...
i mean he even did not published the source files for us to continue the game... [ it is like the capitan sinking with the boat...]
i hope the new mod will work and play

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