The Gate 2 for Hl2 is out

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The Gate 2 for Hl2 is out

Postby jcgeny » 26 Sep 2014, 17:49

the mod is something i liked to follow , now it is available , some says that maps are too small but contents with new models and music are very good ...
may be the gate 2 contents can be added to cinematic ...?
there is a torrent to get the mod files and latest patch but it is slow , the torrent is a 4Go file made with 7z while there is a 7 Go zip on megaupload...
it s better to have a torrent that can repair a downloaded file from this case a torrent with the zip file or an upload of the 7z file . it tooks hours to get the zip while i am at 7 % of torrent...

7zip latest bugs when it tries to read the 7 Go zip , winrar latest is very quick and has no problem

http://www.thegate.half-lifecreations.c ... mepag.html

happy playing

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