what some others think of this "Wunderbar" Game ..[spoilers]

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what some others think of this "Wunderbar" Game ..[spoilers]

Postby jcgeny » 20 Sep 2014, 11:53

i joke a bout spoilers but what do you think of this post

http://tripminestudios.com/forum/showth ... 913#pid913

and the two others following it...
they badly have the same odor as bms-team that has still not finished to copy hl , this team even have never published any maps and of course never been hacked....
i am DEAD OF LAUGHING , these little noobs in their little forum doing their little piece of schit like every day after the coffee...dreaming they do the "beast" mod of all ...they are very pathetic ...and surely very jealous .

beside that i complain again that i would like the mod to be playable in l4d2 or l4d3 ;']

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