GREAT mod! But, maybe...

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GREAT mod! But, maybe...

Postby Sc00rDiN4tU » 15 Sep 2015, 17:25

First of all, let me say that this mod is GREAT and I really appreciate it! (I played the version 12) Though, there are some things that I didn't like/something that could be improved, like:

- Weapons: Although some weapons look really cool with the new texture/design, I really disliked the new AR2 rifle (the combine one). Old design was better, in my opinion. Also, the shotgun's reloading time is too high.

- Blood&Gore: It does not need to be like BlackMesa or the first Half Lifes, where enemies explode in a bunch of red body-pieces. But I can't understand why the dead bodies disappear so fast and does not accumulate. More blood and long-lasting dead bodies would be MUCH better. I mean, it's "Half Life", not The Sims.

- Zombies: I'm sorry, but I didn't really like the new "normal" ones (normal guy + normal headcrab), the old were totally better.

- Sounds/Soundtrack: Although I appreciate something of the new soundtrack, I dind't like it and found it inappropriate for the game. Also, some of the new sounds used (normal headcrab, for example) are not that good; old ones were better

- Too much ambient changes in some levels: This is a mod and retexture and re-design are ok; though, I really found myself a bit disoriented in some levels (like Highway 17 in HL2) for this heavy-restiling.

- Difficulty: HL2 was way too easy; just only on "hard" at certain point was though. This new improved difficulty looks cool but I don't think it is well balanced.

- Scope: not the gun-sight, I mean the regular one on the screen is almost invisible. Old one was better.

- Characters: I didn't like most of the new, especially the main ones... some of 'em are totally different from the original one. Most of the old character were designed better.

- Light(s) managment: The lights look weird, because in some places is too dark and the lights are too strong.

So that's all the things that in my opinion, if corrected, could greatly improve the MOD. Anyway, hell of a job and thanks for releasing this!

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