For MAC User (r)

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For MAC User (r)

Postby Yool » 25 Apr 2013, 17:25

I know this question was already asked, but not really an answer.
I have a computer running windows but also a macbook, and I would not know if the setup you can play the mod, for example by moving directly contained in the package or if there was another solution.

If someone wants to take the time to answer me, loving fakefactory but I travel often with Mac and I would from time to time to give me a small part.

thank you (thumb_2)

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Re: For MAC User (r)

Postby Anarki » 25 Apr 2013, 19:51

It won't work on a mac because it uses windows binaries but if you can find a way to make a basic mod from hl2:ep2 on a mac you could possibly copy over everything except a few files.

but i'm not an expert it's only logical thinking on how this could work since 90% of the files are mdl, bsp, vtf.
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