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by Henkjan
15 Jul 2015, 18:07
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Source 2 in Dota 2 Reborn.
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Source 2 in Dota 2 Reborn.

This seems like a great opportunity for FakeFactory to do some texture work on Dota 2? People are making TONS of money making in-game content such as couriers and cosmetic items. You are definitely the greatest skinner i know.

Would love to see your work in Dota 2, fake!
by Henkjan
24 Nov 2014, 19:08
Forum: Cinematic Mod 2013
Topic: CM 2013 FINAL
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Re: CM 2013 FINAL

Thanks so much FakeFactory! I've been with this amazing project almost from the very beginning. I truly appreciate the sheer amount of work you put into this. Not only that, because i'm amazed at how good the final version actually is! You changed the whole game.. i can't even begin to think how muc...
by Henkjan
25 Jul 2012, 15:54
Forum: Cinematic Mod 11
Topic: Freaking Bloom
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Re: Freaking Bloom

Dude, you are comparing street lights to construction lights aiming straight at your eyes. in real life, you can't even look at them without getting blind in 1 minute. it's comparable to looking at the sun. Also, you're eyes see light diffrend then camera's do, so you're pictures have very little va...
by Henkjan
19 Jun 2012, 23:36
Forum: Cinematic Mod 11
Topic: CM 11 Final RELEASED
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Re: CM 11 Final RELEASED

Hey, none of the Torrent links seem to work, can someone please make a new one?
by Henkjan
29 Jan 2011, 02:46
Forum: Remarks, questions, ...
Topic: Minecraft!
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Re: Minecraft!

Well it can't be any harder then making HL2 textures. i mean they are SQUARE blocks. HL2 has round shapes and what not. And also HL2 has the lineup problem. and ofcourse, when you're making a texturepack you make a backup. you do that with every game.
Also, minecraft has alot less textures.
by Henkjan
17 Jan 2011, 21:10
Forum: Remarks, questions, ...
Topic: Minecraft!
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There's this new game wich is getting better and hotter every day, and it's called Minecraft! Now the texture of the game are all 16x16.. Would you like to make a great texture pack for Minecraft? you'd make the game alot better + it's probably very easy to make since the game is all blocks. so curr...
by Henkjan
03 Oct 2009, 04:46
Forum: Cinematic Mod 10
Topic: Bug report
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Bug report

hello i have found this bug. the new model of dr breen, the evil looking one: when he speaks sometimes a black dot or stripe appears on the side of his mouth. and i was hoping that the jiggly stuff would have been updated :P. i mean it's nice to see alyx's boobs go to the left and the right. but whe...
by Henkjan
02 Sep 2009, 23:28
Forum: Cinematic Mod 10
Topic: CM10 Update to RC
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Re: CM10 Update to RC

Hello Fakefactory i like what you've done with the hands! the old valve ones were justg plain ugly. just one thing in the pic above with alyx holding the gun, you see her finger around the gun but the rinkels on the joint of her finger are misplaced. it allmost looks like she broke her finger in a w...

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