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by Zyromkiru
03 Jan 2012, 00:54
Forum: Cinematic Mod 11
Topic: Hardware Requirement
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Re: Hardware Requirement

I don't know why but I'm using Radeon HD 6720G2 and I'm still getting 150+ FPS in certain spots and usually around 40-50fps

I have every single possible option on it's max.

Puzzles me O.o
by Zyromkiru
03 Jan 2012, 00:30
Forum: Cinematic Mod
Topic: Something is wrong here
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Something is wrong here

Character not working for HL2

I tried using the newest Alyx and it works just fine on EP1 but on The first game (Half Life 2) it shows the original looking Alyx and I retried applying but In game (new game btw) it STILL shows original Alyx

Using CM 11 RC3
by Zyromkiru
02 Jan 2012, 22:24
Forum: Cinematic Mod 11
Topic: CM11 Release Candidate 3
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Re: CM11 Release Candidate 3

Installing the mod right now to test this out! Crappy Hard Drive... will take some time By the way for those of you wanting full potential of your internet I would use the program FlashGet (version 3.7) to download your files, I always get my internet at max speed from using it. To bypass Java just ...

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